Blocking of International Spam Botnets

Why Spammers are Dangerous for Mail Server Operators?

How the Spam Botnet Works?

  • IP addresses from which hacker logged into account (ip_address).
  • Corresponding country codes of IP addresses from GeoIP database (state_code).
  • Number of sasl logins which hacker did from one IP address (login_count).
Excerpt from list of IP addresses and countries botnet logged in into compromised account (Full list).
Distribution of unique IP addresses per country from botnet logins (Full list).
  • Spam was spread from a botnet. This is indicated by logins from a huge amount of client IP addresses.
  • Spam was spread with a low cadence of messages in order to avoid rate limits.
  • Spam was spread from IP addresses from multiple countries (more than 30 countries after few minutes) which indicates an international botnet.
  • Total number of logins 7531.
  • Total number of IP addresses used 342.
  • Total number of unique countries 41.

How to Defend?


I Want to Try It!




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Ondrej Vasko

Ondrej Vasko

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